Jack Ma's farewell speech
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Jack Ma's farewell speech

    Thank you for coming from all over the country, colleagues from the United States, Britain, and India, and thank you for coming to Hangzhou. Today is a very special day, and I look forward to this day for many years, what to say to all my friends, colleagues, online business, partners.

It's like the bride didn't know what to do except smirk on her wedding day. We are very lucky people. Today, ten years ago, when SARS was the most dangerous in China, everyone had no confidence and everyone was not optimistic about the future. 10 多个年轻人,我们相信十年之后的中国会更好,十年之后电子商务会在中国受到更多人关注,很多人会用,但是我没有想到十年之后我们变成了今天的样子。 Everyone has more than 10 young people. We believe that China will be better in ten years. E-commerce will receive more attention in China after ten years. Many people will use it, but I did not expect that we will become today after ten years. Look like.

    99% 的拿掉,我们都值得今生无悔。 In the past ten years, countless people paid a huge price for this. For the ideal and persistence for ten years, even if 99% of Alibaba is removed this year , we all deserve no regrets in this life. So many people who believe and persist.

    I'm thinking, what makes us have today, let Ma Yun have today, I have no reason to succeed, and Ali and Taobao have no reason to succeed. Actually, after so many years, we are still full of ideals for the future. In fact, this is a kind of Trust. When everyone does not believe in the world and the future, we choose to believe. We choose to trust. It is better to choose China ten years later. It is better to choose colleagues to do better. We are better.

    20 年之前,我连自己都不一定相信自己。 10 or 20 years ago, I didn't even believe in myself. CEO 很难,但是 CEO 的员工更难。 Being a CEO is hard, but CEO employees are harder. In an era of lack of trust, you will pay strangers, buy something you have n’t seen, and deliver it to you through someone you do n’t know. Today China has trust and trust. 2400 万笔淘宝的交易,有 2400 万比信任在扭转。 With 24 million Taobao transactions per day , 24 million trusts are being reversed.

In the next life we will still be colleagues. Because it is you who made this era see hope. 30 年之前我们没想到今天会这样,没有想到中国会成为制造业大国,没想到电脑会深入人心,想到互联网在中国发展地这么好,没有想到淘宝会起来,没有想到雅虎会有今天。 Today ’s world is a changing world. 30 years ago we did n’t expect it to be like this today. We did n’t expect China to become a major manufacturing country. We did n’t expect computers to become popular. We did n’t expect the Internet to develop in China so well. Think of Yahoo will be today.

We have seen countless great companies, and we question whether we still have a chance? After ten years of development, we have come to today, this is an era of change. Many people hate change, but it is because we grasp change To a better future. 30 年以前的问题,中国发展到今天谁都没有经验,世界发展到今天谁都没有经验,我们没有办法改变昨天,但是 30 年以后的 Many people complained about the problems that happened 30 years ago. China has no experience in developing today, and no one has experience in the world today. We have no way to change yesterday, but after 30 years Today is up to us.

     Change yourself and start from little by little. It's a dream of everyone for ten years.

     14 年,我荣幸,我是一个商人。 I have been involved in the construction of Alibaba for 14 years, I am honored, I am a businessman. Human beings have entered the commercial society today, but it is a pity that the businessmen in this world have not received the respect they deserve. Businessmen in this era are no longer profitable. We, like any profession, are like politicians, educators, and artists. Perfect this society.

年从商,让我懂得了社会,让我懂得了坚持、责任,什么是别人成功了,才是自己成功。 Having been in business for 14 years, I have learned about society, and I have learned about persistence and responsibility. What is successful for others is my own success. What we look forward to most is the smile of the employees. 12 点以后,我将不是 CEO ,明天开始商业就是我的票友。 From 12 o'clock tonight , I will not be the CEO , and starting business tomorrow will be my fancier. 14 年深感骄傲! I am very proud of my 14 years in business !

     The way we have to solve the problem of being confused, undefeated and not old is to believe in young people, because to believe in them is to believe in young people. CEO ,因为我回来也没有用,因为你们会做得更好。 I will not return to Alibaba as CEO , because I am useless back, because you will do better.

Alibaba's contribution to society has just begun. We are hard-working and hard-working, but we are ordinary. Living seriously and working happily, we get far more than we give today. We hope that this company will solve social problems, these problems are opportunities for everyone here.

Ali people, insist on serving small businesses, because small businesses are where China dreams to go long. 让天下没有难做的生意,帮助小企业成长 Ten years ago we proposed " let the world have no difficult business and help small businesses grow . " This mission falls to you today.

My understanding is that the Internet is truly fair. Can you tell me where in the provinces and cities of the country provide tax concessions for small businesses and start-ups, the Internet gives small businesses this opportunity. Some companies enjoy within three to five years 5-6 亿的用户,呼唤与小企业追求平等,但是小企业其实只需要追求 500 块钱的税收优惠,请阿里人支持他们,他们一定会成为中国未来最大的纳税者群体。 The 500-600 million users are calling for the pursuit of equality with small businesses, but small businesses actually only need to pursue a tax concession of 500 yuan. Ask Ali people to support them, and they will definitely become the largest group of taxpayers in China in the future.

     Hear the world 》,这世界太多的事情我们做不了,做好自己喜欢的、感兴趣的工作已经了不起。 Thank you, I will be engaged in things I am interested in, such as education and environmental protection. The song " Hear the world " just now , we ca n’t do too many things in this world. It ’s great to do what you like and are interested in. . In addition to doing a good job, we will improve China's environment, make the water clear, the sky blue, and food security.

I am particularly honored to introduce Ali's future team, who have worked with me for many years and they know themselves better than I do. 13 年,经历了很多岗位和磨难, 13 年眼泪和欢笑一样多, Lu Zhaoxi worked for 13 years and experienced many positions and tribulations. In 13 years, there were as many tears and laughter. Picking up Ma Yun's position is very difficult. I can go to this day. It is everyone's trust. Because trust is simple. I believe everyone is urged to support the new team as much as they support me, support Lu Zhaoxi, and trust them as much as they trust me.

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